How to Download QuickBooks Desktop Latest Version

QuickBooks Desktop 2018 is an application which you can install on your computer. It is a software is which purchases one-time for managing your accounting packages for your business who need, job costing, robust inventory management, and industry-specific features and reporting. This is very useful to small business owners to manage your accountant packages in one user-friendly system.

How to download QuickBooks Desktop Software?

Here we gave you step by step guidelines on how to download QuickBooks Desktop Software.

  1. Firstly you need to download QuickBooks Desktop in your system.
  2. Go to that location where you saved your software file and double-click on the executable file to run the QuickBooks installation.
  3. Click on yes to all to prompted to overwrite the existing the extracted files.
  4. Being to installation, click Next.
  5. Read the Software License Agreement carefully, If you are satisfied with the agreement then select I accept the terms in the license agreement and click Next.
  6. Enter your License and Product number information.
  7. Click on Next.
  8. Select one type of installation for the computer.
    1. Express:- Allows the QuickBooks installer to make the recommended choices for you which is capable to store your data and it also including replacing your previous version of QuickBooks if you have one. Note: If you want to add accountant edition it does not replace your previous year edition in QuickBooks by default.
    2. Custom and Network Options:- If you using multiple versions of QuickBooks Desktop on the computer then you choose this or it also chooses this when you will be using QuickBooks to share your data with other users on a network.
  9. Select that option where you will be using QuickBooks. Note: If you choose Express option in the previous step then you skip to step 10.
    1. If you using QuickBooks on this computer – If you not using QuickBooks in a network then you choose this. If you install on a computer it will be used for running QuickBooks but it cannot be stored in the company file.
    2. And if you using QuickBooks on this computer, and If you storing our company file so it can be shared over our network- if you will be running QuickBooks and storing or sharing the company file on the network from the machine then you choose this option.
    3. If you not using QuickBooks on this computer then you will be storing our company file here so it can be shared over a network- if no one will be using QuickBooks on this computer and it will be used as a file server to share the company file over the network then you choose this option.
  1. Select a new install location. If you want to browse to a new directory then choose an older version to overwrite them or click on Next to install in the default directory.
  2. Click on Install to continue the process of installation of QuickBooks Desktop or if you want to review any of the previous screens then click on Back.
  3. During the installation of QuickBooks processes the installer may ask you to restart your computer. Otherwise, click on Open QuickBooks to get started.
  4. Activate your QuickBooks after the installation.

Some Features of QuickBooks Desktop Software

  • It is very useful to create professional invoices.
  • It is useful to track your sales and expenses.
  • QuickBooks Desktop is useful to manage your accounts payable.
  • It is useful to one-click sales and tax reports.
  • It is applicable to automatically download your bank transactions but fees may apply.
  • QuickBooks Desktop supports your phone.
  • 1-3 users are included.
  • You can stay permanently signed-in without typing your password.
  • You can launch your Quickbooks online straight from your desktop.
  • It is useful to loading your QuickBooks online data.
  • It can work on switching between the companies.
  • QuickBooks Desktop made for your Mac or PC.
  • It saves your time to manage your accounts information.
  • Fast performance.
  • Save your time with an automatic refresh of open windows.
  • It is secure and dedicated software to access your QuickBooks data.

QuickBooks Desktop Software Versions

There are many versions to download QuickBooks Desktop Software like:-

  1. QuickBooks Desktop 2015.
  2. QuickBooks Desktop 2016.
  3. QB Desktop 2017.
  4. QuickBooks Desktop 2018.

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QuickBooks Desktop 2015

Features of QuickBooks Desktop 2015

  • In QuickBooks Desktop 2015 you can easily upgrade your income tracker. In QuickBooks 2015 You can specify the unbilled your categories you want to see, and also turn unbilled categories on or off.
  • QuickBooks 2015 as you might expect, the home page tab displays the home page you are familiar. when you click the new Insights tab, you see a dashboard that highlights your company’s financial status and activity.
  • In QuickBooks 2015 you can update your windows reminders has a new look. On the left side of the window, you now see to-dos and transactions that are due as of today, so you know what’s on deck for your workday.
  • You can now select a note associated with the vendor, customers, or employee and “pin” it so it appears at the center’s top right when you select that name in the center’s name list.
  • QuickBooks 2015 also reports sport new formatting that makes them much easier to read.

QuickBooks Desktop 2016

Features of QuickBooks Desktop 2016

  • In QuickBooks 2016 you can update a company file have been streamlined. When you open a company file in a new version of QuickBooks, you log in, as usual, choose the location where you want to store your file, and click on update now.
  • In QuickBooks 2016 the new bill tracker features provide an expense-oriented dashboard that shows what’s going on unbilled, unpaid, and paid bills. You can select transactions in the table to perform bill-related tasks, such as converting purchase orders to bills, paying bills, and so on.
  • In QuickBooks 2016, the comments pane shows which QuickBooks users are created or modified each comment on a report. That way you know who to contact to your answer questions and clarify your comments.
  • In QuickBooks 2016 when you want to customize the columns that appear in a report, in the modify report dialog box’s search columns box, start typing the name of the field you want to find.

QuickBooks Desktop 2017

Features of QuickBooks Desktop 2017

  • QuickBooks Desktop is very useful to save time with faster searching. Being typing a name and QB automatically fills in the rest.
  • QuickBooks Desktop shows all the filters which applied to a report in one click.
  • QuickBooks Desktop 2017 is helping to set up all the customized reports in QuickBooks. The scheduled reports are not available in the Multi-User mode and in hosted deployments, or when there is multiple version of QuickBooks 2017 installed.
  • QuickBooks Desktop saves your time when you entering timesheet information by copying and pasting data from one line to the next.
  • QuickBooks Desktop allows you to see your important details about the “money out”side of your business.
  • QB desktop makes your QB comfortable and delightful on the higher resolution for computers.
  • QuickBooks Desktop 2017 makes it easier than ever work with multiple users at a time.

QuickBooks Desktop 2018

Features of QuickBooks Desktop 2018

  • In QuickBooks Desktop 2018 user can use up to three connected monitors to view multiple pages.
  • QuickBooks Desktop 2018 is available to those who have an enhanced payroll subscription.
  • In QuickBooks Desktop 2018 users have the option to print “past due” on invoices, but can also turn this features off. QuickBooks 2108 users can also choose to print the past due notice on either and emailed or printed invoice, or can customize it invoice to invoice.
  • In QuickBooks 2018 user can now copy and paste entire transactions rows with the shortcuts. This is work for invoices, estimates, sales receipts, sales orders, and time sheets.
  • In QuickBooks Desktop 2018 user can toggle displayed reports between cash or accrual basis.
  • In QuickBooks Desktop 2018 user can merge your vendor records. The user can search and sort for both active or inactive vendors, for the purpose of merging duplicate records.

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